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Our Product Expertise

Industrial Coil Nailer

industrial coil nailer

Rebar Tying Machine

rebar tying machine

Cordless Auto-Feed Screwdriver

cordless autofeed screwdriver

Finest Quality

We are always committed to achieve full customer satisfaction and also strive to keep enhancing it. This commitment is shared by all our employees and we consider this as the core of our company’s value system.We will achieve this by applying continuous improvement techniques to our processes, products systems and services that are designed to meet the expectations of customers, and thereby promote good partnerships with them.


Our Product

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We specialise in the production of specialty fasteners which are custom made to our customer’s requirements. We
understand that finding the best Nail for the job in hand is a difficult process, but it needn’t be. With a dedicated
technical support & design team ready to help, your specialty fasteners can rapidly be in the making.