Amir Nair

Amir has a larger than life personality and being an excellent orator, he is a very highly coveted leader in professional and organizational consociations. He has carefully studied and perceived the science of success, and even led large teams in Fortune 100 companies in an expansion of capacities to put into effect and implement them in real time.

What I Do

Ignite The Potential Within You To Accelerate Your Professional Career

I Train

To help transform your career & live life based of your innermost values.

I Coach

Transform you to become a resilient leader and build superior capabilities.

I Write

About the role of leadership, diversity and conscious inclusivity.

Accelerate Your Corporate Career!

The contemporary world is a challenging time to be plying one’s trade, especially considering the pandemic where people are struggling to keep their mind, body and soul together. The turmoil and layovers have forced people to switch industries and even start over from scratch. Penetrating the market is exigent, now more than ever. That again poses a scary problem for people who are just starting out in their careers.

If you are looking for a chance to get ahead in your corporate career, then join the Career Revolution! A real time revolution that has already exerted its influence on over 3000+ careers and is relentlessly continuing to do so.

Among everything that is going around, it is always efficacious to have a clear direction to look forward to and some succour from people experienced enough to guide you through your career journey, maybe even beyond. If you have landed up in here, looking to accelerate your career path, we are ecstatic to have you with us!

We have with us, Amir Nair! He is the one who will guide you through your journey to ignite the best potential within you. We have a rundown of programmes and events, some even contained within annual packages, for you to have a look at. Choose the path and get yourself enrolled with the one you need the most!

With a mindset brimming with purpose, our focus majorly relies on capturing the current organizational demands in the industry which are constantly changing with brand new exigencies. Further, matching this with the proficiency of a particular person, collectively determining the aspects relating to talent, education, knowledge, experience, skills to finally feel content and be successful.