What is AC maintenance service?

Every electronic device needs proper maintenance for their better performance. Regular maintenance is vital to the efficiency and effectiveness of all air conditioning units and systems. This maintenance service also improves the general life span of the system. During this maintenance service technicians provide a full installation and comprehensive service of your Air Conditioning system. They also make sure that whether you have a room air conditioner or a ducted system, the vital thing is to ensure that the filters in systems are always kept clean. Where the outside unit is placed can also seriously affect the system’s lifespan and may require repairs. They can provide and organize a single or yearly service to monitor and maintain your system.

Benefits of maintenance:

  • Proper maintenance can reduce the energy bill
  • Air flow and efficiency are increased during maintenance service
  • Mould and odours are removed
  • Harmful bacteria and allergens are removed

Why choose us?

AC Service Center in Chennai is the prominent service center which offers high standard AC maintenance service and enhances the performance of your device in a complete way. Backed by the years of knowledge and experience this company is the fastest growing company which never compromise with quality of treatment and brings the latest infrastructure to maintain your device in a professional way. All the technicians of this company are determined to help you get the most out of your Air Conditioning investment. They ensure that you comply with warranty requirements and improve the general lifespan of the system. During this service they monitor each and every little problem that may prone to a large technical issue and resolve the problem in the same business day.

Services are performed during AC maintenance work:

During the AC maintenance program the expert techs make sure the unit is operating correctly and have it ready for the long hot summer. When servicing your unit the technicians assess the condition and functions of:

  • Electrical terminals are all tight
  • Electronic pc boards, solenoids, pressure switches and safety devices
  • Filter changes for all common area HVAC equipment
  • Sanitizing all evaporator coils with the self-rinsing biodegradable non-toxic coil cleaner
  • Gel tablets placed in all Drain pans to prevent any blockages
  • Inspect all electrical control wiring, control components, loose connections or any discoloration of the wires
  • Adjust, inspect, grease or change blower belts
  • Inspect, grease cooling tower pumps
  • Inspect, grease cooling tower bearings
  • Adjust, inspect for worn cooling tower belts
  • Change belts if worn or split
  • Inspect cooling tower frequency drives for any lose control wires or any discoloration