What is AC installation service?

AC installation service is the most demanding and complex service that needs special attention. When it comes to air conditioning installation, there are several factors that the knowledgeable technicians must take into consideration. The compatibility of your home size, your individual lifestyle habits, even the size of your cooling unit, any one of these factors could make it difficult for your unit to cool your home and control humidity. It is therefore extremely important that you discuss all of your cooling options with one of the trained comfort consultants to ensure that you are getting the right air conditioning system for your home comfort.

Procedure that are followed during installation:

  • Assembling of all parts provided by manufacturer (new unit) or the customer (old unit)
  • Installation at a feasible and appropriate location
  • Constructing a support
  • Creating vents
  • Fixing the AC unit(s)s
  • Making necessary connections
  • Check-up of all settings post installation
  • Check-up of performance of the AC unit post installation
  • Gas pressure check-up post installation

Why choose us?

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